Combination of Nitrogen and Potassium fertilizer and determination of harvesting time to increase sweet sorghum biomass

Suwarti Suwarti, E. Roy, B. P. Marcia


Sweet sorghum is a multiple-purpose crop for food and biofuel. This study aimed was to determine the most rational combination of N (nitrogen) and K (potassium) doses in order to improve the yield and determine the appropriate stem harvesting time for bioethanol. An experiment was conducted at Indonesian Cereals Research Institute experimental field in Maros from April to July 2017. The experimental design was Split-plot with three replications. The main plot consisted of nine combinations of N and K while the subplot consisted of four stem harvesting times. The result showed that the best dose of fertilizer to obtain the best biomass yield, stem and seed with high brix value was 100-150 kg/ha N combined with 75 kg/ha K. Stem harvesting time should be done starting at the time of grain harvesting time up to two weeks after grain harvest.

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