ICBB Morressier Submission Instructions

ICBB 2023 have changed submission and review method to the IOP Morressier system. Instructions on how to make a Morresier account, to log into the ICBB 2023 Call for Papers, and to submit an abstract and a full paper are as follows:

1. Sign Up a Morressier account if you do not have an account yet.
Go to, fill data and follow instructions to create a Morressier account.

2. Go to ICBB 2023 Call for Papers Submission page here:
Log into the submission page using your Morressier account.
Please read general information about CFP ICBB 2023 and at the end of the page, there is a menu for submissions.
Type your abstract/paper title on submission title, then upload your full paper.

Please make sure the full paper conforms to the format of the IOP Conference
Series: Earth and Environmental Science.
Author guidelines for IOP conference proceedings can be found here:
If the full paper is not ready, then you can upload a pdf file of an abstract only.

3. Select the suitable topic of your paper.

4. Type keywords of your paper.

5. Type the content of your abstract.

6. Add author details of your paper (first author and then co-authors).
You can add more co-authors and details as needed.

7. Answer the disclosure statement and accept the terms.

8. Finally, you will see the submission preview and double check the submission details.
You can click “Back to edit” to edit your submission. If the submission details are correct,
you can click “Submit” to complete your submission to ICBB 2023.

A submission receipt confirmation email will be sent to your email to notify that you have successfully submitted an abstract/paper to ICBB 2023.

Thank you for your submission.