International Conference
on Biomass and Bioenergy

will be held on 7 - 8 August, 2023
in Bogor

International Society of Biomass and Bioenergy (ISBB)

The Founder Meetings of International Society of Biomass and Bioenergy (ISBB) was held one day before the ICB 2018 on 31 July 2018 with 18 participants, and the forum ended with a resolution that ISBB, the administrative body of the future conferences of biomass and bioenergy sciences be financially independent by Registration and Review & Publication fees, not seeking for the external funding support, but for the sustainability to keep the high scientific level of papers, as well as providing opportunities to local young generations to work in such an international environment. Current Co-chairs of ISBB are Prof. Dr. Yukihiko Matsumura (Hiroshima University, Japan) and Prof. Dr. Erliza Hambali (IPB University, Indonesia), and the Secretary is Prof. Dr. Haruhiro Fujita (Niigata University of International and Information Studies, Japan).

Objectives of ISBB are to promote academic & industrial development in biomass (and related) fields, by providing opportunity of an international forum of operating international biomass conferences, publishing high level papers, as well as providing professional training programs; to host capacity development of young generation scientists and staff, providing opportunities to work in an international association, of implementing various projects as above.

Activities of ISBB are:
1. To have official publications of ICBB Proceedings and International Journal of Sustainable Biomass and Bioenergy (IJSBB)
2. To have strong network with biomass and bioenergy industries with the participation of their high- ranked official in the society
3. To organize conferences, training and short courses
4. To plan for mobility programs to allow participants or students to have more real-life experience in related industries.
5. To promote research attachment at established labs of its members for research capacity upgrading and expertise sharing
6. To give certain recognitions to high-achievers in biomass science and technology

Under the essential collaboration with the Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) of the IPB University, the ISBB has been taking major roles in:
1. Conference/paper administration in ICB 2018, ICBB 2019 - ICBB 2021
2. Original publication of International Journal of Sustainable Biomass and Biomass, 19 papers in three editions.

Call for Papers